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According to Euromonitor International, the world's authoritative research organization, Haier is the No.1 brand globally in major appliances for 11 years consecutively. In February 2020, Haier, the industry leader, invited Israeli 1# influencers in various fields to share their habit of being excellent, and to interact with Israeli users through social media.

The KOL thump up for Haier

Assaf Goren has been Israel's judo champion for four years. Dancing is also his hobby. He focused on breakdancing and won the European champion. As a dancer and actor, he has also appeared in a number of popular TV shows and reality shows in Israel and the United States, including so you think you can dance. For Assaf, the feeling of becoming more and more proficient in one area is wonderful, and it motivates him to do better in other areas and find new breakthroughs. The same is true of Haier, which is working for breakthroughs in AC, after leading the Israel's multi-door refrigerator industry.

The KOL thump up for Haier

Ira Dolphin is a trainer, model, nutrition and lifestyle expert and has appeared in a number of reality shows. She is very demanding about the quality of life. Haier has been committed to providing users with smarter solutions to meet the needs of a variety of life scenarios, because Haier’s pursuit of excellence in quality life will never end.

Haier received the appreciation of these KOL because the common experience in perusing the excellence. Haier will continue to create smarter and more considerate full-scenario solutions and create a better life experience for Israeli users.

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