May.09, 2020 10:34:46 source: China net

Facing the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Italy, Haier AC Italy (HACI) has tried its best to search for the medical materials at the first time and donated 5,000 masks and 100 protective suits to Vittorio Veneto Hospital.

HACI’s great efforts in supporting the local hospital have been highly praised by local well-known media, like Il gazzettino Treviso and QdP. Meanwhile, the CEO of Vittorio Veneto Hospital expressed sincere thanks to Marco Matteo Stefani, CEO of HACI.

HACI hopes that these medical supplies can relieve the shortage of hospital supplies. As a Chinese company that has been established in Veneto for over 20 years and deeply rooted in the Italian market, HACI has never forgotten repaying the world with a grateful mind.

According to Mr. Stefani, since the outbreak of the epidemic, HACI has taken measures quickly at the first time to guarantee the safety of employees, and has done everything possible to support medical institutions, trying to provide more effective supports to clients and users.

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