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Haier Smart Home set up a global epidemic prevention committee to fight against the COVID-19. Learning from Chinese practices, 66 overseas office centers, 54 factories, as well as the R&D centers of Haier Smart Home have taken strict epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of overseas employees.

Below are some examples on how the overseas branches of Haier replicate the Chinese practices in the epidemic prevention work.


For GE Appliances, employee’s health and safety is always the top priority.

1.Dr. Han from GE Appliances Clinic has been communicating with employees COVID-19 preventive measures since January.

2.GE Appliances has set up on a portal for employees to submit coronavirus exposure concerns on the homepage of the intranet, keeping track of the development of the virus among GE Appliances employees.

3.CEO Kevin also has sent out two messages regarding the outbreak. GE Appliances leadership team strongly encouraged all employees who can work from home to do so and GE Appliances remains open for business to serve the people that need us.

Haier Europe

Set up the epidemic control team at the first time

1.Haier Europe set up the epidemic control team at the first time to prevent all staff from being defected.

2.Haier Europe has provided free masks and goggles for staff and measured the temperature of staff every day.

3.Haier Europe has promoted on-line work system to ensure that 500 people can work remotely online at the same time.

4.Haier Europe Service has upgraded the Guidance for Safe Working for service engineers, and replicated the mode in other European countries like UK.


Distribute masks for staff and strengthen access management

1.Haier Russia Factory has distributed masks for staff, strengthened personnel access management and enhanced the disinfection.

2.Haier Russia Factory has organized epidemic prevention training to improve the awareness on COVID-19.

3.Haier Russia Service team has worked remotely and provided the on-line service to keep the continuity of after-sale services.


Haier Japan (and AQUA) has made detailed plans to response to the spread of COVID-19.

1.The temperature of the staff was checked frequently. The staff returned from countries and whose family members come back from foreign locations will be quarantined for 14 days.

2.If meeting can’t be canceled, 1M space between each person are required. Face to face communications are replaced by telephone, video conference, Internet and other communication methods.

3.Set different office hour for employees to avoid the rush hour. Use online interview for recruitment.


Distribute masks and measure temperature of staff

1.AQUA Vietnam released the epidemic prevention specification and broadcasted it every day to strengthen the protection awareness of employees.

2.AQUA Vietnam distributed masks to employees regularly.

3. The nurses in AQUA Vietnam have taken temperatures for employees every day.


Distribute traditional Chinese medicine to local employees

1.Haier Thailand started to distribute traditional Chinese medicine to local employees to increase their resistance and prevent them from being disinfected.

2. Since the outbreak, Haier Thailand has disinfected the office every day, and everyone has been asked to wear masks.


1.Haier Malaysia reserved epidemic prevention materials in advance and organized epidemic prevention training.

2.Haier Malaysia strengthened the disinfection and personnel access management and made epidemic prevention posts to strengthen the staff's awareness of prevention.

3.All employees of Haier Malaysia work at home and summit their health report!


1.Haier Indonesia made the guidance for epidemic prevention and organized comprehensive trainings.

2. Haier Indonesia has taken the temperature of employees two times per day and required each one to wear the mask.


Learned from Chinese standards and made new arrangement for the cafeteria.

1.Haier Pakistan has and set up system to check the body temperature of employees.

2.Ensure the frequent disinfection of the office area, and provide the staff with disinfectant and other protection materials.

3.Haier Pakistan provided masks for employees. The related committee also guaranteed the proper space between people during launch time.


Stations built at two entrances to the office area monitor the temperature of employees and visitors.

1.Haier India quickly established a coronavirus prevention and control committee. The office area has been disinfected 2-3 times a day, and the hand sanitizer has been placed in multiple places for the employees.

2.Haier India held a number of training sessions for its employees about COVID-19. Posters have been posted in different places, and videos have been released on the portal to arouse people's awareness.

Middle East & Africa

Guarantee protective for the health of employees

1. The branch of Haier Egyptian and Haier Saudi Arabic provided masks for employees. Sterilizing the workplace frequently.

2. Monitor the temperature of employees and visitors.

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