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Affected by the epidemic, Japan's home appliance market was injured. Most electricity retailers have adopted measures such as limiting the number of shoppers, shortening business hours, and cancelling marketing activities. The conservative calculation of shoppers' flow has dropped by over 10% year-on-year. The new life season also fallen by 6% from January to February. The new life season products of some Japanese local big brands' fell by more than 10%. While large high-end refrigerators from Haier & AQUA from January to February increased 58% year-on-year, GTW high-end washer-dryers all in oneincreased over 200% year-on-year. Overall growth of AQUA increased 20% in February.

What is the reason of the growth of Haier & AQUA in Japan?

At the beginning of the epidemic, our Japanese team sensed the market changes and made plans accordingly, turning"crisis" into "opportunity".

High-end differentiated solutions are fundamental

Japanese users generally have a small housing area, and dual-worker families need to buy food for a week on weekends. The AQUA TZ series of ultra-thin refrigerators designed by Naoto Fukasawa, famous Japanese designer, meeting the needs of large capacity and small space-taking, integrating into home furnishings. The AQUA Delie series refrigerators, which were just launched in January, can achieve long-term preservation and meet the needs of users to keep fresh ingredients in reserve under epidemic conditions.

AQUA GTW series washing machine sterilization +clothing care function meet the needs of sterilization. GTW's P&G laundry beads program is unique in Japan. Adapting to the new laundry scenario and win-win cooperation with ecological stakeholders is the key to GTW's success.

The coordination of EMC Contracts is the guarantee

The Japanese team is seamlessly connected with the whole process of the various industrial lines, factories, quality departments,etc., made ensuring market supply on daily basis. New life season suites ofother local brands are out-of-stock. While Haier made up for the gap, winning the channel approval, and laying a solid foundation for maintaining the NO.1 market position of new life season.

To ensure that the new refrigerators are listed on time,the experience oriented EMC synergized with the production line of Haier Thaifactories to ensure that the new products are listed on the market in time with good quality.

User center concept and the landing of the EMC contract ensures that Haier & AQUA grow against the headwind in the shadow of the black swan event.

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