Chen Ji Siang: 181 Trainings for Promoters in 9 Months

May.16, 2020 11:32:11 source: China net

In June 2019, Chen Ji Siang (Jimmy) joined Haier Malaysia as a training manager. In past 9 months, Jimmy organized 181 trainings covering more than 700 promoters and store salesmen, with a high praise rate of over 97.8%. Therefore, he was awarded as 2019 Outstanding Training Manager.

Informative and Timely Training Enhances Confidence of Promoters

Jimmy believes that training materials play an important role in training & sales. Through coordination, he prepared pocket book, competition and training videos as training materials, covering Haier brand culture, product knowledge, soft skills, etc. to help promoters master product knowledge, improve sales skills and apply them in daily work.

In order to guarantee the training effectiveness, Jimmy usually makes training plans in T-1 month and set the weekly subjects. After the training, Jimmy asks the promoters for feedbacks, so as to improve the effect and conversion rate in the future.

Vivid Product Demonstration Shows Differential Performances

In addition to building training courses network, Jimmy also shared good casestudies from HQ in time and upgraded the demonstration catering to local people’s habits.

Taking refrigerators as an example, Jimmy and his Team have developed a series of demonstrations to show excellent performances of Haier refrigerators in freshness, loading capacity and defrost of ice.

As for washing machine, Jimmy and his team have done a series of demonstrations to display its strengths in stability, silence and high-efficiency drying performance.

Comprehensive training and vivid demonstration have played an important role in Haier's high-end transformation in Malaysia. Basically, all the stores assigned with Haier promoters have a sales growth of medium and high-end products.

Jimmy indicates that in the future, he will strengthen the coordination with HQ and innovate in training, making more contributions to improving the retail competitiveness in Malaysia.

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