Haier Japan R&D Start Video Office Mode

May.18, 2020 10:10:28 source: China net

Affected by the global spread of the COVID-19, Japanese R&D center's quality innovation team members were temporarily unable make an on-site visit, how will they assist the factory in China to ensure product quality and achieve quality goals? The Japanese team leader Hirayama Akira suddenly thought about the WeChat App used by his Chinese colleagues. Then he tried to communicate online with the Chinese team through WeChat, and started a livestreaming mode of working in the special period. The team participated in the development of new products, process control and other quality improvement work together with Chinese colleagues.

On March 13, the trial production new series of AQUA brand’s mainstay product were carried out in the upload washing machine division in Hefei, Anhui. Japanese R&D center proactively coordinated with the marketing, local R&D, and manufacturing divisions in all processes from pre-work to trial production, ensuring that the predetermined goals. The Japanese team participated in this trial production via live broadcast. They reviewed and proposed solutions for more than a dozen quality and operational issues to effectively guarantee the product quality and operability for staff. In addition to trial production, daily quality inspections have also been conducted via online communications. Ikeuchi Katsumi remotely participated in to guarantee the quality.

Chinese team leader, Li was deeply impressed. “I did not expect to become an anchor in this special period. I was deeply impressed by the meticulous craftsmanship of Japanese experts. Now they came up with the livestreaming idea. We are deeply moved."

Two new series of products will be launched in Japan's market this year. All the development, experimental evaluation and prototype production during the epidemic period were carried out to ensure the successful launch of the products.

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