#Haier Inspired HealthyLife #Pakistan #Mother’s Day

May.20, 2020 9:56:30 source: China net

At 14:00, May 9 local time, Haier Smart Home’s healthy life scenarios interacted deeply with Pakistani users online, engaging users, professionals as well as parties in the ecosystem in an extensive discussion about a better life. During Haier Pakistan’s experiential crowd-streaming, Haier Smart Home App met with users. The future opening of Haier Pakistan’s second smart home experience store was announced during the activity as well.

In this experiential crowd-streaming interaction, focusing on eight best-selling models, Haier Smart Home brought a healthy, smart and fashionable lifestyle and provided better solutions to home cooking, washing, air and entertainment for the users affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; Haier Pakistan’s marketing team, platform providers, ecosystem parties, promoters, after sales and other nodes all participated in the interaction via self-organization. This co-streaming interaction reached nearly 80,000 people on a real-time basis and gained over 10,000 interactions, The experiential crowd-streaming activities continued until May 11, which is expected to draw wider attention from local mainstream media and official social media. Till now it has reached 1,070,000 people with more than 40,000 interactions and 1,630,000 brand exposure and contributing to over 10 millions rupees of sales in Daraz online brand store.

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