Haier Germany Launched Cooking Show

May.22, 2020 9:53:15 source: China net

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Haier Germany, together with MediaSaturn, launched the Cooking Show online to boost online sales and visits on the channel via product promotion by star chefs.

On that day, the Cooking Show received 80,000 live views, 20,000 pieces of online interactions and 1,083 comments.

In March, Haier Germany focused on the best-selling model of Haier French-door refrigerators and making it a star product.

The model of Haier French-door refrigerators not only win five stars feedbacks but also score five times the usual monthly sales volume.

At the same time, the upgraded model of Haier French side-by-side refrigerators was also released, which has changed the door material, and added super guide plate and a wine rack, to better meet German users’ differentiated needs.

Focusing on online sales which is led by the best-selling models and features a combination of popular products, Haier Germany has realized the release of new products on the channel and the iteration and upgrade of best-selling models through “product promotion by chefs”, achieving a 60% growth in the first quarter and 100% growth in March.

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