AQUA Vietnam with Miss Vietnam

May.24, 2020 10:43:44 source: China net

AQUA Vietnam Participated in Miss Vietnam 2020 Launch Press Conference

On May 13th, the Miss Vietnam 2020 launch press conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City. AQUA Vietnam participated in interacting with users on the conference, which recevied 8.64 million views online through Miss Vietnam Fanpage, Miss World Vietnam Fanpage,Yan Fanpage、Sen Vang YouTube Channel.

At the scene, AQUA Vietnam displayed three solutions for healthy living scenarios including food storage, sterilization of clothes, and air purification to meet different users' needs during the epidemic, attracting previous Miss Vietnamese to take a photo experience.

AQUA Vietnam always adhere to the concept of “Inspired Living”with smart home life, which also in line with providing a beautiful lifestyle for Vietnamese women of Miss Vietnam.

In the future, AQUA Vietnam continues to upgrade the scenarios experience for users, and accelerate the globalization as an ecological brand.

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