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May.28, 2020 09:59:58 source: China net

Haier Philippines Launched #Haier inspired healthy life# Live Streaming

On May 9th, Haier Philippines launched the #Haier Inspired Healthy life# live streaming through Facebook Live. With introducing different life scenarios of using Haier Smart Home products, the live drew attention of 850,000 users and achieved 140,000 views.

Affected by the epidemic, Philippines implemented a two-months city closure till May 15th, which hindered the offline interaction among local users. To meet the differentiated needs of users, Haier Philippines has brought fresh experiences around scenarios of food, clothing, housing and entertainment of smart home.

Focusing on the air sterilization, Haier CleanCool air conditioners with self-cleaning function can provide users a healthy living room scenario.

Meanwhile, various kinds of food can keep a long-term freshness through Magic Cooling refrigerators in kitchen.

In terms of washing scenario, the Haier 1678 top-load washing machines enable thorough cleaning and disinfection of clothes, thus creating healthy and germ-free experiences for users.

Insisting on providing health life solutions for local users, Haier Philippine team upgraded the online interaction mode to create better experience, while enhancing the confidence of the local team and helping local users build a healthier life.

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