Haier Japan Plans to Launch New Freezer

May.30, 2020 10:04:22 source: China net

Haier Japan Plans to Launch New Freezer

Since April, the epidemic in Japan has entered an outbreak period. Affected by this, the customer flow of stores has declined by more than 20%, Japan home appliance market has dropped by 10% year on year.

Haier Japan Freezer achieved a year on year increase of 139% in April, and plans to release the 280L vertical freezer in late May, actively integrating into Japanese users' living scenarios.

During the pandemic, users’ demand for large freezer space has been changed. Thus, Haier Japan plans to launch a 280L upright freezer featuring the largest capacity in the Japan.

This freezer contains six independent storage spaces, which not only caters to the local living habits of classified storage, but also realizes the temperature control ranging from -24 to 4℃ and thus boasts more extensive application scenarios. In addition, based on Japanese users’ love for frozen food in their diet, the storage space on the top of the freezer is also iterated to accommodate four to five 40 * 40 cm pizzas.

Driven by the EMC contract mechanism, end-to-end coordination has been realized in this process from product planning, development, manufacturing to marketing and sales at the front end of the market, to guarantee the realization of market goals.

At the forefront of the market, Shao Xiaoying, who is responsible for the quality management of freezee in Haier Japan, designed the Chinese version of the instruction manual, passing the Japanese certification and quality requirements to the Dalian factory to ensure the quality of the new freezer.

As it is hard to verify at the scene, Dalian factory took more than 100 photos of each detail according to the instruction, and confirmed with the market one by one through WeChat, videos and other online ways, thus ensuring a 100% inspection pass rate of newly launched products.

Though unable to meet offline, the front-end marketing personnel and the channels still keep business talks. The sales personnel dug deep into the channels’ demand and put forward one targeted proposal after another, finally winning the recognition of multiple channels.

Haier freezers have been widely loved by Japanese users. From January to April, the chest freezer claimed the top spot in terms of market shar. Through differentiated vertical freezer solutions for users, Haier Japan freezer aims to challenge the goal of first share in 2020.

Under the epidemic situation, Haier Japan continues to discover the differentiated needs of users in special periods. To achieve the industry leadership, Haier Japn continues to evolve from high-end to scenarios to ecology.

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