AQUA Indonesia Launches Live Streaming

May.31, 2020 10:08:11 source: China net

AQUA Indonesia Launches Live Streaming

Since May, the epidemic status in Indonesia was serious. Jakarta implements a large-scale community quarantine, thus stores shorten their opening hours and some are even closed.

Under the situation, AQUA Indonesia launched an live streaming on May 6 to provide local users with healthy life scenario experiences, reaching over 70,000 people in real time and gaining over 40,000 views.

Focusing on the differentiated needs of users in special periods, AQUA Indonesia integrates healthy products into scenarios ecperience, which users can get the smart and healthy life solution during their stay at home, such as the Magic Cooling series refrigerators featuring sterilization, deodorization and on-demand temperature change.

After nearly 20 days of preparation, AQUA Indonesia locked the Mega-hit through online interaction with users, incorporated healthy life solutions, and upgraded scenarios to ensure user experience. Also, the Indonesian team released the link of the live streaming in advance through Facebook and other platforms, to attract users to participate in the live streaming.

Though the home appliance market suffers setbacks, AQUA Indonesia seeks opportunities in the crisis and promotes cooperation with multiple channels, achieving a 119% online target completion rate in April.

Following user needs-oriented, AQUA Indonesia will continue to launch a series of scenario live streaming to users. Meawhile, online stores are planed to be built, so as to create high-quality healthy life solutions for local users.

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