Azka's Homemade Video for Haier AC

Oct.14, 2020 15:28:48 source: China net

During the lockdown, Haier Pakistan received such a short video: a Pakistani girl introduced Haier AC, especially the function that quickly eliminates air pollution in fluent English. In the video,she not only performs the actual test, but also demonstrates the working principle of Haier PURI series.

The girl, Azka, is still in secondary school and her father is an employee of Haier Pakistan. The idea, performance, shooting and editing of this video were all done by herself. The young brand ambassador is very proud that his father works in Haier, many home appliances in her family also come from the brand. This also became the original intention of making this short film to let more people know about Haier products from a younger perspective.

Haier has been the TOP1 share for four consecutive years in Pakistan. Haier refrigerator, washing machine, AC and freezer are all the first share in the market of Pakistan.

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