1day15WHs, good job for HaierIndia

Oct.14, 2020 15:41:22 source: China net

In India, the numbers of Covid-19 infections is still increasing, and the epidemic prevention and control is still severe.

A COVID-19 hospital in Rajkot, India, ordered 15 Haier water heaters. After receiving the installation task, Montu, a service engineer from Haier India, successfully installed the 15 water heaters for the hospital in one day with the protection of PPE.

To ensure the installation, Montu first went to the hospital to get to know the situation for the best plan. After putting on the protective gears, Montu safely completed the installation task in one day.

Impressed by Montu's performance, the hospital thanked Haier for its rapid installation during the pandemic and praised Montu for his bravery and efficient service provided with professional protective measures put in place.

Haier is the only home appliance brand in India with non-stop service during the pandemic.

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