3in2 Series Refrigerators Unveiled

Oct.14, 2020 15:44:18 source: China net

On October 9, Haier Japan released 326L and 294L refrigerators, which enriched the 3in2 Series Refrigerators with double doors has three functions, refrigeration, freezing, alternating temperature.

The new launched two products strengthening the medium-sized refrigerator product line and accelerating mid-to-high-end transformation.

At the present, the demand of households for refrigeration increases, and more refrigerated space is needed as a result of less going out. Haier Japan launched the first product of 3in2 Series Refrigerators, namely 262L double-door refrigerator with a variable temperature zone in May.

It has been well received by users who hold that the variable temperature zone can be used as the second freezer so as to enlarge the freezer space and the variable temperature zone can be adjusted to any degree from -20℃ to 5℃, shortens cooking time. Also, the 34L variable temperature zone can be set according to the users living habits as 5 temperature choices including ‘freezing-18℃’ and ‘soft freezing-8℃’.

Based on the users feedbacks and needs, Haier Japan released the 326L and 294L refrigerators, which has larger capacity. Taking a 326L refrigerator as an example, if the temperature change zone of 34L is set as the original capacity, users can increase the capacity of the freezer to 127L, realizing the maximum freezing capacity of the same section. It is convenient for bulk-buying. The design of drawer and transparent basket makes it easy to find and take food.

By enriching the product line and adding large-capacity products, Haier Japan provides users solutions for a better life.

In the future, Haier Japan will continue to focus on user needs, adhere to the high-end brand strategy and continue the mid-to-high-end transformation

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