AQUA VN with Miss VN Semi-final

Oct.19, 2020 13:32:37 source: China net

On October 10, AQUA Vietnam was invited to co-host the National Semi-Final of Miss Vietnam 2020 with main organizers Tien Phong Publishers and Sen Vang Entertainment Company.

For the designed outdoor booth, AQUA Vietnam integrated three solutions for healthy living scenarios including food storage, sterilization of clothes, and air purification in it, which were displayed by Miss Vietnam contestants to users.

The construction of the booth interprets the idea of AQUA Vietnam‘Inspired Living’, which also in line with providing a beautiful lifestyle for Vietnamese women of Miss Vietnam. This booth also attracted users to take pictures.

Also, AQUA Vietnam designed special sessions, inviting users to join the ‘Lucky Program’ and ‘Pinball Game’ for gifts receiving.

35 contestants were shortlisted for the finals to be held in November.

The representative of AQUA Vietnam indicated that“We do believe that the winner will be the most suitable one who can be representative for Vietnam modern lady with not only beautiful in the appearance but also smart in knowledge to inspired the world about Vietnam culture and people.”

Through the 2020 Miss Vietnam, AQUA Vietnam continues to upgrade the scenarios experience for users,focusing on user needs and interaction modes to process the online transformation.

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