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Oct.19, 2020 13:39:21 source: China net

During the lockdown, Haier Pakistan received a small video about Haier AC made by Azka, daughter of Sohaib, an employee of Haier Pakistan. Later on, Sohaib’ s younger daughter, Hamna, also produced a short video that gave Haier Pakistan a new surprise. This time is about Haier refrigerator.

Hamna applied a traditional genre of Panjab local drama in the video: one person plays two roles
Boy: Eh? Who emptied the fridge? My friends came over what will they eat now. O Nasreen, hey Nasreen who emptied the fridge?
Girl: My family was over so we threw a party!
Boy: You partied? Didn’t they have anything to eat in the last 4 to 5 days? They ate everything in the fridge!
Girl: This fridge only looks big from the outside, it doesn’t have much storage capacity. If you stuff things in it, they go bad.
Boy: By the way if it was Haier’s refrigerator, we wouldn’t have had to face this much humiliation. I’ll go buy one right now.
Boy: Nasreen come here, look at this Haier refrigerator, World’s number 1 refrigerator. Nasreen look how spacious it is. Look at this fruit basked its so big. Look it has 3 shelves on the door. Put eggs in one, cat’s food, medicines, fruits and in this cold water.
Girl: There are 5 shelves in the fridge, you can take one out to store something big too. Freezer is also big and you can store as much as you’d like.
Boy: Now whether you call over your family or I invite my friends, we won’t run short on food.
Girl: So much capacity!? Then I’m going to invite everyone from my village!

Haier refrigerator meet their needs of large capacity storage and long - term preservation. Hamna is still in primary school, she used Urdu in the video, which she made on her own.

This spontaneously endorsement of Haier, is not only out of the pride that their father works in Haier, but also out of the love for Haier products.Haier has been the TOP1 share for four consecutive years in Pakistan. Haier refrigerator, washing machine, AC and freezer are all the first share in the market of Pakistan.

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