Laundry Machine Factory’ 1st Anniversary!

Sep.01, 2020 10:45:22 source: China net

On August 28, all entrepreneurs of Haier Russia Laundry Machine Factory gathered together to celebrate the 1st anniversary. Magdeev. N.G., Mayor of Chelny City, and Kropotova.N.A, Vice Mayor were invited to the celebration.

The event kicked off with the video in which entrepreneurs from the factory expressed their best wishes to the factory.

Mayor Magdeev presented a "thank-you letter" to Haier Russia Laundry Machine Factory, to salute Haier for its contributions to accelerating local economic development.

The head of the factory expressed the appreciation for the supports of local governments, and wished the factory prosperity and the aspirations of employees a reality.

The factory also organized a tree planting activity, in which the employee representatives planted pine trees together, symbolizing that Haier takes root in Russia with the cooperation and efforts made by both parties.

Moreover, to appreciate the efforts made by all entrepreneurs, the factory prepared backpacks with Haier logo for each and every one of them.

Haier Russia Laundry Machine Factory officially opened on August 28, 2019. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the factory has followed strict epidemic control measures and publicized the prevention knowledge to ensure "zero" infection among all employees. Meanwhile, the factory has doubled its capacity per hour despite the severe epidemic situation.

Guided by the Rendanheyi model, the factory will continue to innovate and lay the foundation for building ecosystem brands in the IoT era.

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