Haier Russia Upgrades Services

Sep.03, 2020 16:25:34 source: China net

By August 2020, the new mobile service stations have been put into operation in Russia to provide more efficient services for local users.

Russia is a vast and sparsely populated country with only 9 people per square kilometer, which brings Haier Russia Service team great challenges to provide door-to-door services.

How to quickly respond to the service demand and provide efficient service for local users?

Haier Russia Service Team exchanged with Qingdao HQ Service Team, and finally decided to establish mobile service stations in Russia. As regards the selection of service partners, vehicle, VI, etc., the local service team has formulated detailed standards and made full preparations.

Since the operation of the mobile service stations, Vitaly, the Operation Manager has put forward the 1-2-3 service concept, namely, 100% customer satisfaction, 2-hour response, 3-day order closing), ensuring the efficient services for users.

Since experiencing the services provided by Haier mobile service station, a user from Moscow said, “I never thought Haier would respond to my demand so quickly. Never before in my previous shopping experiences, have I enjoyed such rapid and professional service.”

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