AQUA Cabinet at Tokyo Sake Festival 2020

Sep.03, 2020 16:30:28 source: China net

From August 11 to 16, The 2020 Sake Festival this year was held in Shinjuku Tokyo. AQUA Japan sake cabinet was shown to provide visitors the healthy and fresh sake tasting experience. This festival attracted 51 Sake manufacturers across Japan to attend with many sake fans coming to experience. It is shown that the guest flow exceeded 10k each day.

There are 8 AQUA Sake Cabinets shown at the Festival to freeze the sakes across the country, which were placed in the performing area, animation and show area. Additionally, AQUA sake cabinet was praised by the on-site guests.

AQUA Sake Cabinet is the freezer made for Japanese Sake fans and specially used for storing sakes. It is specially designed to maintain at -5°C to store sakes, at which the sakes could keep freshness and quality. The internal design is also made according to the package of Japanese Sakes.

As of August 31, the sales of AQUA sake cabinet increased 106% year-on-year. At this Sake Festival exhibition, AQUA Japan Freezer demonstrated the products and let the users experience the cabinet. Meanwhile, feedback of users were collected for manufacturing products closer to the needs of the users.

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