Haier Japan R&D Center held the Forum

Sep.08, 2020 16:38:46 source: China net

On August 24, Haier Japan R&D Center joined hands with HOPE platform to hold MoTTo OSAKA Open Innovation Forum at the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Targeted at local enterprises in Japan, the forum introduced the technical requirements of Haier's various industries. Solutions that match Haier's demands will be decided after research and communication.

Haier Japan R&D Center, together with HOPE platform, started the formal planning of this forum in early June and finally settled on 33 technical requirements and six industries, during which frequent discussions with Qingdao Advanced Technology R&D Team and the R&D project leaders. On the day, 144 enterprise representatives from 117 technology enterprises went to Osaka from all over Japan to attend the forum.

Affected by the pandemic, the Japanese home appliances market is declined this year, despite which Japan EMC has managed to achieve sales growth.

In the refrigerator category, the refrigerator equipped with the industry-first constant-temperature freezing technology module developed by Haier Japan R&D Center has achieved double-digit growth for consecutive three years. By improving product competitiveness, Haier Japan R&D Center has made tremendous contributions to the market performance of Japan EMC.

Haier Japan R&D Center is working with HOPE platform as a local network node. It matches Japanese technical resources for global R&D platforms of Haier. Also, global resources can provide solutions for technical problems.

Haier Japan R&D Center has worked to explore local network channels, improve its own innovation capacity and make contributions to the the products leading the market.

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