Rock Show of F & P for High Growth

Sep.11, 2020 16:27:32 source: China net

At 11:00 on September 7, FPA Australia EMC held a weekly online meeting as usual. When the meeting was about to end, Ben Normoyle, CCO of FPA, suddenly made a screen sharing request and then sprang a surprise on everyone.

In a dazzling purple background, Ben, dressed in a rock and roll costume, began his passionate performance of Purple Rain, a rock song, receiving thunderous cheers.

After the performance, Ben explained the reason for this surprise—he was honoring a bet he had made before. It turns out that since the Australia EMC has grown against the down trend in March, the team has been working harder and harder, thus achieving better results and reaching a new high.

Seeing it, Ben extended a challenge to FPA Australia that if they could reach the 120% completion rate of the target in revenue, net margin and net profit in June, July and August, he would present a performance to everyone.

By September, months of hard work finally paid off. The indicators in June, July and August all met the set target, and EBIT even achieved twofold growth!

Behind this celebration and surprise are the efforts of the Australia EMC. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian team has quickly responded to market changes and seized the opportunities amid the crisis, that is, deepening cooperation with clients; actively collaborating with the resource platform of Qingdao headquarters to launch the health-centered new products on the market ahead of schedule; upgrading product structure and strengthening the sales promotion strategy; upgrading online and offline experience; carrying out end-to-end parallel coordination to ensure the delivery of orders.

The Australian team's performance was not a stroke of luck. In fact, the achievements would have been impossible without the practice of Rendanheyi model within FPA. This year, FPA headquarters has simplified the process and encouraged every one to create values for users.

This change has brought a new beginning full of hope. Let's look forward to FPA's next wonderful performance!

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