Haier Indian ServiceEngineer:1ACbrought18TVs

Sep.17, 2020 16:04:25 source: China net

Everyone has different understanding on good service, Haier engineer Mr. Amit Kirar gives us his answer using his action: Good service is the beginning of sales, good service will make one customer a brand lifelong customer.

Mr. Amit is a Haier service engineer at Indore. In Mar 2020, Indian government has announced a 21-day-long lockdown across the country due to the rapid spread of epidemic. Though the time is tough but Mr. Amit was still fighting on the frontline with passion of service. It was that time Mr. Amit provided AC installation to a hotel owner and the experienced skills and service attitude from Mr. Amit has left a deep impression to the hotel owner.

The miracle goes on. In Sep 2020, the hotel owner wants to buy some TVs but enquires other brand, then the good service from Mr. Amit rings his bell. Mr. Amit gives demo of Haier TV and also compares with other brand which make customer, our hotel owner, very satisfied and confident with Haier service. So he decided to buy 18 Haier TVs instead of 1.

Actions proves more than words. Mr. Amit transfer one of our customers to one lifelong customer with his good service. And Mr.Amir’s action also proves the words, “service is not the end of sales, but a good beginning of next sales”.

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