Zero Distance Award Unveiled in Rendanheyi Open Talk 2020

Sep.19, 2020 17:10:19 source: China net

On September 17, 2020, Rendanheyi boundary less network open talk 2020 seminar 2 was held. During this period, the Business Ecosystem Alliance "Zero Distance" award was announced, GEA and IoC (internet of Clothes) was on the list.

Business Ecology Alliance is a new management ecosystem alliance founded by Organizations including Thinkers50, Corporate Rebels, and Institute for Competitiveness (India) and their network. This year marks the first year of its foundation and the establishment of the Zero Distance Award.

Kevin Nolan, CEO of GE Appliances, and Du Jingguo owner of Japan EMCs shared their innovative and practical achievements with worldwide experts, scholars and guests.

Distance Award

While Rendanheyi has showed us the way to navigate through Covid, zero distance has unlocked business opportunities that are propelling GEA success and growth. This award recognizes the work the entire GEA organization is doing designing, making, delivering and servicing the best appliances in America. Our “owner is boss” philosophy paired with our “House of Brands” approach are making a significant impact in our relationship with our customers, who are responding with their trust and increased support to our business. --Kevin Nolan, President & CEO GE Appliances.

GEA:When covid keeps us apart, Rendanheyi brings us together

We kept to our principles, which is to protect our people, protect our business and focusing on supporting our customers and our community. Zero distance allows us to see needs before others. We noticed that the usage of dishwasher mounted as people cooked more at home. Our entrepreneurs pivoted work to immediately meet user’s needs and discover new business opportunities. While ME structure allow us to adapt and meet user’s need before others. EMCs allow companies to work without top down management. GEA is the only company that has mangers there building appliances. All the senior management, the CEO himself, all the lawyers, engineers, to let the workers need to be home be home and to guarantee the supply for customers. GEA didn’t lash their people, instead they are still hiring. Microenterprises mobilized employees, and GEA changed track and outperformed.

Kevin Nolan volunteering on production line

Japan EMC: Breaking Establishing Integrating

Based on the Rendanheyi Model, Japan EMC has realized the concept renewal, organization reform and system upgrade through breaking, establishing and integrating.

From the year of abolition in 2007, the 30-year-old entrepreneur was promoted to be the minister to break the ice. In 2009, a contract was signed with the staff in person, which broke the traditional concept of establishing the mechanism of Rendanheyi Model.

After implementing the Rendanheyi Model, Japan EMC has processed the self-organization and self-driven to buck the downtrend. In 2020,Japan EMC achieved the share of medium& large refrigerators ranks the first, the growth rate of super large refrigerators ranks the first and the share of freezers ranks the first. Also, the Laundromat gained the leading position by the share rate of 71%. It is worth mentioning that its’ share of new life season package has became the first choice for local users. By leading the era of IoT, Japan EMC revenues grew five times faster than the industry and profits rose 15% year on year.

Under the guidance of rendanheyi Model, with zero distance from users and self-organization and self-drive, Haier will continuously create better life scenarios for users around the world.

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