Haier Smart Home 2020 Global IT Summit

Sep.19, 2020 17:20:07 source: China net

From Sept. 15th to 17th, Haier Smart Home 2020 Global IT Summit was held online. 35 global IT representatives from the United States, Australia, Europe, South Asia, Japan and other regions attended the meeting.

With the theme of "Intelligent Empowerment, Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation", the attendees shared digital technology development trends, global IT strategy, value-added opportunities, practice on upgrading customer/consumer digital experience, new technology and its application.

At the meeting, Haier Smart Home PSI released global IT strategy, which summarized global trends and provided directions for global IT work in 2021.

Then, the platform for technical exchanges and sharing of practices was released. "The establishment of the platform is just the beginning, this requires the global IT team to work together on it, to improve the capabilities."

On September 16, representatives from GEA, FPA, India and other EMCs focused on providing customers and consumers with a ‘zero-distance’ digital experience, shared practices on GTM.

On Sept 17, representatives from GEA, PSI cloud management, supply chain and technical architecture shared their thoughts on the latest technologies and applications such as human digital transformation, multi-cloud strategy, double middle architecture, and so on.

Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi model, the global IT team will continue to focus on user experience, explore new skills and empower the businesses, laying the foundation for creating a global ecosystem brand.

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