Haier Overseas Platform Won Rendanheyi Medal

Sep.21, 2020 11:31:44 source: China net

September 20, the 4th International Rendanheyi Model Forum themed "Autopoisis, Co-evolution" was held. Scholars and experts worldwide gathered together to explore the transformation in the IoT era. At the meeting, "The Rendanheyi Medal" was unveiled. Haier Overseas Platform won the big.

The Rendanheyi Medal

Haier Overseas Platform

The rendanheyi Model holds "people as purpose" as its principle, maxmizing human value,and solves the problem of "cultural intergration" in cross border M&A , which reflects the universality of cross-culturalism.

Against the outbreak and the continuous sperad of the pandemic globally, many companies faced the problem of sharply decreased performance because they were waiting passively. Under the Rendanheyi Model, overseas EMCs turned risks into opporunities with self driven spirit, quickly responded to the market change and achieved contrarian growth.

In the round table forum, GEA, Japan and FPA all Shared how the Rendanheyi Model has been implemented locally, especially in the face of the epidemic, and how it achieved growth against the headwind.

150,000 Hours

EMCs allow companies to work without top down management. GEA is the only company that has mangers there building appliances. All the senior management, the CEO himself, all the lawyers, engineers…… In the last 5 months, they worked150,000 hours on the production line all together. GEA, the fastest-growing home appliance brand in the US, has its highest market share in nearly a decade.

13 years, more and more TOP1s

Under Rendanheyi Model, Japan EMC breaks the traditional bureaucracy by promoting the "breaking, integrating and establishing" trilogy, changed the tradition of seniority sequence, lifetime employment and equalitarianism, redefines the promotion & distribution mechanism, target system and mobilized the employees. In the Japanese market, Haier has achieved the first share of medium and large refrigerators, freezers, new life season package, commercial washing machine. The growth rate of super large refrigerators was No.1. Japan EMC bucked the trend, achieved revenues growing fivefold the industry, with 15% profit growth.

Great news just started

Since Chief Zhang proposed the new concept to us in 2009, we have been thinking about how to respond to users needs and create value. We have been promoting the Rendanheyi Model locally. In a very short time, it enables us to make continuous achievements with user-centered mindset and leading goals and to achieve the localization of the culture. We realized end-to-end value creation through self orgnization, and we still have a lot to learn in the future.

With the international implementation of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier's overseas market bucked the down trend during the pandemic. In the future, Haier overseas platform will continue to customize the better life scenarios for global users.

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