2020 Global Cultural Comunication Webinar Held

Sep.28, 2020 15:21:38 source: China net

On September 25, Haier Smart Home Global Cultural Communication was hold online. More than 90 members from global cultural communication committee attended the meeting. The meeting summarized and reviewed the achievements of the previous year's cultural communication work, and put forward the goal of the next year's cultural work: to better empower employees and create value through culture. Li Pan, Vice President of Haier Group, Overseas General Manager, attended the meeting.

As the keynote speech, Mr. Sun Mingfa, Director of Coporate Culture first shared four sections, which were the target, teams, platform building, and then ended with the new vision in the coming year of 2021.


Katherine Fullen workplace communication director shared the speed and agility in Communication at GEA. Communications quickly gathered, assessed, created and delivered to equip leaders and employees. As a summary, Authentic and transparent communication builds trust and drive employee engagement. Self-driven momentum can be achieved with intentional communications. Zero distance to the community is critical.

Haier Europe

At the meeting, Karim Bruneo, Director of Corporate Culture in Haier Europe shared the communication strategy of Haier Europe, as well the goals and metrics.

In the past months, Haier Europe has built a professional corporate communication team, not only sharing the global entrepreneurs more stories in Haier Europe, also promoting the integration of Haier and Candy though strategic communication.

Japan Region

Yamasaki Shinichi, CSO of Japan Region, summarized the work of the Japan cultural strategy team in 2020, and deployed the future plan. Behind the upward trend, Japan communication team has exhausted the fighting power of global EMCs coordination, built a solid cultural integration platform. The Japan communication strategy team strives to promote the whole process works and the localization of Rendanheyi model, to a great content, helped Japan EMC gained the double increase in revenue and profit for 8 consecutive months.

China Region

The sharing of China Region started from the three question of cultural communication. Ms.Zhao Fuhua, director of China Region Cultural Communications shared the systematic operation of cultural communication that has been implemented in China. Through subject sourcing, planning, implementation and tracking, to closed loop, create value by cultural communications.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Li Pan, Vice President of Haier Group and Overseas General Manager gave a keynote speech. Mr.Li Pan introduced the history of the Global Cultural Communication Committee and expressed his appreciation to the cultural communication team. For example, Antonio, the head of the GE Appliances Communication team, VP of GE Appliances, overcame the time difference encountered in global cultural communication. His real time support is very impressive and made a lot of achievements. At the same time, he also pointed out that the journey of global cross-cultural communication has just begun, and he hoped that the Cultural Committee could make continuous efforts to create greater value.

Special thanks to Haier Smart Home overseas platform for the support of cultural communications. Overseas platforms attach importance to and support cultural communication, which is the foundation and guarantee for culture to create greater value.

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