2020 Haier Overseas Rendanheyi Strategy Communication Conference Was Successfully Held

Sep.28, 2020 15:28:48 source: China net

On September 22, 2020, at 19:00 Beijing time, Haier Overseas Rendanheyi Strategy Communication Conference was held. The conference has 6 sub-venues in North America, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Overseas entrepeueners gathered on the cloud, summarized the achievements of the past year and opened a brand new chapter. Global economic uncertainty has further increased, Haier's overseas platforms have bucked the trend and achieved the highest level of profitability in history, as well as a significant increase in ecosystem revenue.

Mr. Gong Wei, Vice President and CFO of Haier Smart Home Eco-Platform, introduced the standard and evaluation of Rendanheyi transformational upgrade and to publish the Uncharted Waters Ecosystem Awards.

The case sharing session was presided over by Mr. Li Pan, Vice President of Haier Group and Owner of overseas platform. The teams from GEA, Japan, Thailand, Europe, FPA and Saudi Arabia respectively Shared their model cases of brand building.


GEA, the fastest-growing home appliance brand in the US, has its highest market share in nearly a decade. We kept to our principles, which is to protect our people, protect our business and focusing on supporting our customers and our community.

Smart HQ explores how to better meet customers' demands and realize zero distance for users through connected appliances. While competitors focus on customers at the national level, GEA took the lead in focusing on independent dealers. At a time when rivals had to lash their team members, GEA was expanding capacity, adding new production lines and creating hundreds of new jobs.


Facing the tougher market environment, the Japan EMC stuck to the leading goals, marketing and high-end market transformation, gained the revenue increased by 17%,leading the industry by 5 times, while profit increased by 15%. Also, premium products like TZ series REF and Ultrasonic WM also saw the highest growth and breakthrough so far, with No.1 in the market of medium and large refrigerators,freezers, spring combo sales and the growth of extra-large refrigerators. In addition, under the biggest economic contraction, Japan EMC still maintain over 70% market share in commercial washing machine and continue to lead.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi model, the achieved results are inseparable from the end-to-end thorough support of EMC. By following users’ needs, accelerating product iteration and innovating interactive mode with users, Japan EMC strives to maintain growth in the undercurrent of a second wave and continues to go against the tide under the epidemic.


Landing the Thailand's first IoT ecosystem brand, HAT first launched an Experimental Cloud Crowd Streaming instead of asingle product live streaming, and accelerate the high-end brand transformation from platform self-sourced to self-owned brand. Exporting Haier Thailand's newsharing business model, launching Khon Kaen No.001 brand shop opened and the first laundromat Mr.Hi Smart+ to users’ life scenarios. On Sep, HAT achieved the sales revenue exceeded whole year of 2019, with the rapid growth of revenues and profits. Also, REF, WM, and RAC have steadily ranked first in the industry.

Under the guidance of Reandanheyi model, HAT sets User-centric and high-end transformation as its goal, continues to lead industry innovation, and strives to create an IoT ecosystem brand.


This year, the effectiveness of Haier Europe and the goal to become the first consumer choice for smart home are recognized at international level.

In September, hOn Smart Home App was officially launched at IFA 2020. Also, a promise that includes a new in-store experience as showcased in Milan at the Tech Village by MediaWorld, where consumers can immerse in a multifaceted experience centre.

Taking Haier Germany as an example, this year, it has realized the high growth of both revenue and profit with its insistence on online transformation, high-end transformation, and the whole process parallel coordination mechanism.

In the future, Haier Europe will continue to promote the scenario brand and ecosystem brand, pursuing Haier’s goal of “Zero Distance with the Consumer” to become first consumer choice in smart home in Europe.


This year, Fisher & Paykel has simplified the process and encouraged everyone to create values for users.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Fisher & Paykel has quickly responded to market changes and seized the opportunities amid the crisis, that is, deepening cooperation with clients; actively collaborating with Qingdao HQ to launch the health-centered new products on the market ahead of schedule; carrying out end-to-end parallel coordination to ensure the delivery of orders.

In the future, it will continue to transform on the journey toward the goal and achieve high growth of both revenue and profit.

Saudi Arabia

Through localization and transformation, Saudi Arabia ME has achieved over 30% growth. Last quarter, our employees got our value-added sharing. Through the localization of Rendanheyi Model, we restructured and the organizations, gave the floor to our employees, Built the brand with zero distance from users.

The meeting also invited Ms. Sun Danfeng, general manager of Haier Smart Home Chain Region, to share some excellent practices of the scenarios brand landing in China. At the end of the meeting, Haier Smart Home Eco-Platfrom congratulated the overseas team on winning the Rendanheyi Medal, and appreciated the performace of the overseas team for the great growth under the epidemic.

Attended Entrepreneurs were greatly encouraged and the conference came to a successful conclusion. Although the epidemic has separated us, unity has brought us together. The Entrepreneurs of overseas platforms took a "cloud photo" to commemorate the success of this year's conference.

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