On the evening of December 3, Haier Jordan held an excellent promoter and channel commendation meeting in a vacation villa in Amman. Haier Jordan T customer management team, Haier headquarters marketing personnel, channel representatives and promoters attended the meeting.

The conference introduced Haier’s cooperation history and achievements with T, Haier’s brand history, brand positioning in the world and Jordan, as well as its promotion in the key channel S. At the same time prized the outstanding promoters and key channels, a total of 37 people.

According to Mr. Y, CEO of client T, there is a team of 50 promoters in key channels in Jordan, which is especially responsible for promoting Haier’s sales in terminals. Although the Jordan market continued to go down this year, and many middle and high-end brands declined dramatically, Haier’s sales in the terminal have been relatively stable. Especially in November, Jordan's traditional off-season, through interactive activities, Haier’s sales even exceeded the peak season. This achievement is greatly due to the effort of the promoter team. The reason to hold this commendation meeting in a family vacation villa, instead of in a hotel is the whole team is a family, everyone should feel at home.

Since the cooperation with customer T started in 2016, Haier has attached a lot of attention to the construction of terminal brand image and promoter team. Through several years efforts, the terminal brand image has been greatly improved.

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