Customers of Indonesia Visit Haier with HSI


2019Haier Global Outstanding Promoter Conference


Haier Unveils New 7-brand SmartHome Solution 2019AWE


Haier Releases 7 Brands' SmartHome Solution


The Night of Haier Challenge


Happy International Women's Day!


Haier AC at the 2019 Climate World Exhibition


Haier New Products Strongly Landing India


2019 Haier Overseas Service Maker Summit


Honors to Haier Russia in 2018


Candy Joins Haier, 100% Completion of Budget|Candy


Zalmi Fight PSL with Haier Armor | Zalmi


Unveil the Lantern Riddle from Haier Pakistan


Haier Washing Machine Meets Sports Car




Happy Spring Festival 2019丨Dance With Thailand!


Surprise! Happy Spring Festival 2019丨Dance With Japan!


Happy Spring Festival 2019丨Dance With Malaysia


Happy Spring Festival 2019丨Dance With USA


Happy Spring Festival 2019丨Dance With Russia


Haier AC Checked in the Century-old Hotel in Palestine


Qingdao Haier, A Fortune’s Most Admired Company


Haier Washers Bring Laundry Revolution to Pakistan


Children’s Day in Thailand: Happy with Haier


VISIT GEA & Haier AT CES 2019


Euromonitor:Haier is Consecutive 10Years the No.1 Brand Globally


Qingdao Haier Completes the Acquisition of Candy


Global Teams Singing Happy Birthday to Haier


Largest Haier “AC Walls” Ever with 25,000 Units Installed


Haier: Any Time Any Channel; Any Tech Any Where


Over 110 Sets of Haier MRV Delivered to Thailand


4000㎡ Haier "Billboard" Was Installed


Haier First Experience Store In New Delhi


Look! Haier IFA in European media


Haier Russia First Mobile Service Van


Haier Logo on the PSL 3 Tournament


Haier SVC Pattaya Branch Grand Open


Wanted: # Three-Line Love Letters to Haier#


Haier Smart Kitchen Serve Your Dinner!


Groundbreaking Ceremony of AQUA Vietnam WM


A Thank-You Letter For Haier Asia R&D


Haier High-End Showroom Opens in Jordan






Groundbreaking Haier RussiaIndustrial Park


Haier Builds Air Research Center in N.z.


"Haier Era" in Malaysia


Indian Users Only Prefer Haier


They are From Syria,Believing in Haier


"Micro-World" of Haier REF:3 Iterations


Thai Star Impelled 1.7M Baht in Sales


Haier REF Shows Soft Power and Hard Power


Haier REF, Deliver Freshness and Happiness


Haier@Canton Fair- Preview of 4 Highlights


Haier Speeds up Customized Era


The First Household Shoe-washing Machine


Trilogy of Brand Interaction

March.29, 2018 09:20:00


Calm Down the Noisy European Washing Machine

March.29, 2018 09:20:00


MCE EXPO: Self-cleaning AC Product Showing Highlights Greatly & Easy Install in Only 166”

March.19, 2018 09:22:00


Haier Refrigerator, for World Users

March.16, 2018 09:23:00


Haier Japan’s Mix&Match Style

March.16, 2018 09:23:00


Haier describes global smart home blueprint in 10,000 ㎡ space.

March.16, 2018 09:23:00


Haier COSMOPlat Enlisted in World Leading Internet Technological Achievements

Dec.3, 2017 16:35:00


CCTV Reports: Haier Refrigerator “Made in India”, a Further Step toward the Globalization Strategy

Nov.20, 2017 16:35:00


Reacceleration of Globalization in Chinese Home Appliances Industry: Haier India Industrial Park (Pune) Inaugurated

Nov.30, 2017 16:35:00


Haier Won 6 Golden Medals on the 42nd ICQCC

Nov.30, 2017 16:35:00


The 122nd Canton Fair Kicked off and Haier Unveiled its High-end Strategy for Overseas Market

Nov.30, 2017 16:35:00


Haier Showed up at the IFA as the World’s No.1 Home Appliances Brand

Nov.30, 2017 16:35:00


Haier Asia R&D Center Graces the Cover of the Japanese Magazine Modern Architecture

Nov.30, 2017 16:35:00

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