Haier COSMOPlat Enlisted in World Leading Internet Technological Achievements

Dec.3, 2017 16:35:00 source: China net

On December 3, the 4th World Internet Conference officially opened in Wuzhen, leading the world Internet into “Wuzhen Time” again. The most eye-catching list of “World Leading Internet Technological Achievements” was disclosed in the afternoon that day. Haier COSMOPlat beat thousands of other applicants and successfully stood out based on its innovative practices in the area of industrial Internet.

COSMOPlat is an industrial Internet platform independently developed by Haier with independent intellectual property right in China. It is the only multilateral platform in the world on which users can experience the whole process and lifetime value for users can be realized. It builds an eco-system incorporating the innovative capacity for smart manufacturing and maximizing value for all parties relevant.


Currently, COSMOPlat has accumulated over 300 million users and 3.8 million enterprises, with a total economic scale of over RMB 200 billion, realizing cross-industry and area expansion and services. Based on the samples of the 8 major interconnected factories of Haier, the platform now covers 12 industries, 11 areas and 20 countries and serves over 30,000 global companies. It drives transition and upgrading of Chinese enterprises toward smart manufacturing, leading the direction of smart manufacturing in the future.

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