CCTV Reports: Haier Refrigerator “Made in India”, a Further Step toward the Globalization Strategy

Nov.20, 2017 16:35:00 source: China net

November 20th——CCTV News delivered a program themed “Chinese Home Appliances ‘Made in India’”. According to the program, after the expansion and commissioning of the Indian factory for Haier refrigerators, local capacity for the product will increase by five times, accounting for 96% of all Haier refrigerators sold in India. Besides, the newly expanded factory of Haier refrigerators in India is an important part of the global supply chain for the product, which will improve the company’s globalization strategy and speed up its layout in the global market.
Led by the “Go Globally” strategy and the “Belt and Road” innovative strategy, Haier and other Chinese enterprises are actively arranging their business in the overseas market, and it is believed that more and more Chinese enterprises will take the lead in international competition, CCTV re-ports.

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