Haier Washing Machine Meets Sports Cars

Speed is the hallmark of a sports car, balance system is the most important part of a washing machine. They are all equipped with a 21-inch oversized hub and the soaring speed of the simple operation panel,make people immerse in the galloping all the time, while the 6-point balance system enables people to enjoy the feeling of the galloping, as well as the experience of luxurious smooth.

As far as sports car and washing machine are concerned, the key factor determining the speed is the size of the hub. In addition to improving the overall appearance, the main reason of speed restricted by large hub is that the large hub can reduce the flat rate of tires and accommodate a larger size of braking system, which can achieve better control of the sports car. This is just the charm of speed.

Technological Innovation Creates Speed and Passion

Science and technology create the future. This time, Haier has developed a "sports car". In this video, Haier washing machine makes technological innovation and breaks through the bottleneck , opening a new competitive and passionate speed journey by the 525mm large cylinder diameter drum-diameter direct-drive washing machine which is comparable with the 21-inch super-large hub in sports cars.

What kind of spark will be wiped out when Haier washing machine, which leads the household appliances industry, meets the surging speed of super cars ? A visual feast is about to be unveiled, so please wait and see!

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